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Gamma series - space-inspired watches with a luminous design. Don't miss your chance to get the new collecion! 

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We're the small community of watch enthusiasts with experience in timekeeping industry and design, as well as in others, more precise and natural matters which define our vision and ideals. We started to work on our first watch prototype in 2014, aiming to create an affordable universal timepiece with simplicity in mind and perfection in details. Our story continues on Kickstarter, where our first campaign was warmly accepted by its audience and gave birth to the Divided by Zero brand. The second series also debuted on the crowdfunding platform and became even more successful, evolving the ideas of its predecessor and reaching the new level of quality and reliability. In 2019 the third collection of the Divided by Zero watches was launched, leading to our first collaboration - with NASA in the special edition of the new timepieces. 



The basis of the concept of Divided By Zero watches is a mathematical accuracy which we use to create the most attractive and comfortable construction measurements and design features and astonishing synergy of raw calculations with modern design. Every single part of Divided By Zero watches, even their shapes, curves and lugs, was precisely calculated during months of continuous tests. It also applies for our dials - it may be hard to detect the almost jewelry work of our designers and technologists, but every index on the face, every measurement, even the shape and size of the hands are mathematically approved design. Our second Beta collection is based upon the most notable scientists of different eras and their studies which is directly reflected in design. The third lineup of the Divided by Zero watches gave us a new perspective on our philosophy, inspiring the design with space researches in the original Gamma series and famous astronauts in a stunning special NASA edition, both crowned with a signature luminous design that shines brightly in the dark. 

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The Divided By Zero watches are created with a scientific approach in mind. Our universal design boasts precision in calculations for every part and shape of construcion and dial outlooks

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